Senegal, a destination for outsourcing services.

Senegal is one of the main providers of IT and outsourcing services in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa.


Senegal offers an environment conducive to the development of ICT related activities. The country has resolutely entered into the era of the digital economy with a strong will on the part of the State which has implemented a policy of growth and modernization of its administration based on ICTs with significant investments made in terms of capacity and modernization.

Senegal is positioning itself more and more as a leader in sub-Saharan Africa, in terms of ICT and Tele services. Like many developing countries such as India, Morocco, Mauritius or Tunisia, Senegal has been actively engaged for several years in promoting the ICT and tele services sector.


Geographical proximity, the shared French language, the quality and competitiveness of the workforce, which all characterize Senegal, are all levers conducive to the development of high value-added services based on ICTs.
In addition to the significant level of technology development, the availability, at competitive costs, of a skilled workforce makes Senegal a preferred destination for the outsourcing of customer relations and value-added IT services.

Located 5 hours from Europe, Senegal is a country of openness. Its political stability, combined with the various structural reforms undertaken by the public authorities, have enabled Senegal to gain a prominent place in the international IT services outsourcing market.

In addition, the country is committed to building a Digital Technology Park and developing a pro-business tax policy to catalyze investment in the sector.


In the early 2000s, Senegal decided to bet on ICT with the ambition to become a center of excellence for ITO and BPO in the West African region.
A recent USAID study reports a 70% ICT service export rate in Senegal. The main destination for Senegalese exports are regional (Senegal has been able to position itself as a true regional hub by relying on regional economic communities such as ECOWAS and UEMOA), but also France.

The inclusion of Senegal in the digital economy is a priority set in the national strategic development framework, the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE). The Senegal Digital 2025 strategy also aims to accelerate the deployment of IT infrastructure, which has already reached a high level both in terms of service quality and cost competitiveness.

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