Content & Users moderation

Moderation of content and users by our qualified moderators 

We provide you with moderators and supervisors for your online services and interactive platforms, at very competitive rates.
Unload yourself with a task that is both vital and time-consuming, which will be fully taken care of by our teams 24h/7d.

We moderate and supervise your content and your users. Our moderators ensure compliance with your charter and take care of the protection of your services 24 a day.

We work in the following areas:


  • Backoffice management, Profiles, Photos, publications, announcements, comments, content flow, e-commerce (reviews), etc.
  • Moderation / monitoring of live and non-live video streams
  • Moderation of interactive platforms: Online events, Users networks, E-learning, Online gaming, etc.


  • Back-office and access management (customers, users)
  • User moderation and validation: Profile, Photo, access…
  • Verification / Validation: Payment, file, documents…


We also provide high-quality content categorization. We organize, sort, and analyze different types of content whether text, videos, images, audio, and other types of media.

We manage bilingual services (French / English) and can offer teams in other languages depending on the project.

For more details contact-us to receive a detailed offer.