Services packages

We have formulas adapted to each size of client and project.

We take care of your services 100%, under your control, via tracking and monitoring tools.
We provide you with dedicated resources and teams, which you control remotely with our supervisors.
We put agents in charge of the tasks that you outsource, in close collaboration with your teams.

Your projects become ours and are supported by a competent and complementary monitoring team, endowed with a real sense of organization and profitability.


  1. We are used to identifying and adapting to the vision of the product or service held by the customer. This vision is exposed and enriched during discussions with managers (product owner, production director, technical director, etc.). Drawing on our experience and the resources at our disposal, we offer the client a dedicated team set up in several positions, over a specific period of time to carry out the targeted service.

  2. We identify and recruit the necessary profiles in a short time, thanks to our experience and our platform To go beyond the recruitment stages is therefore to reduce risk-taking. It also means having an effortless turnkey solution.

  3. All the recruitment and staffing part of the dedicated team is our responsibility. It is only from the moment the proposed team is validated by the customer that invoicing starts, never before.

  4. If a team member stops working or if the latter does not fit, we promise to replace him at short notice. This type of change can happen for a variety of reasons. We fully support this change without the customer incurring additional costs.

  5. You no longer have to manage the turnover of your teams. This is entirely managed by our services. You no longer worry about the means to deploy to integrate and retain your employees.