Working with us

Pay a single invoice per month for recruiting your remote employees, training, equipment and follow-up.

Our approach is simple:

When a company wants to work with us, it wants to either recruit additional staff or replace existing staff, with the aim of reducing its production costs and focus on its priority activities.

Study, framing, technical and financial offers.
Recruitment, training, tests/simulation, upgrading.
Launch of production, follow-up, monitoring.


Setting up a dedicated team with several positions (from 2 to 5, up to 20 people and more) depending on the department:

  1. Analysis of the vision of the services to be provided, definition of tasks and prerequisites, intervention schedules, tools, reporting, etc.
  2. Determination of technical and functional profiles capable of carrying out the tasks and interventions planned by the project
  3. Constitution of the internal and external team with stakeholders and designation of the team leader (s)
  4. If the profiles are not available in our profile database, we launch a recruitment process via our external networks
  5. Communication on the types of profiles sought
  6. Receipt of applications or co-option
  7. Pre-qualification of potential candidates
  8. HR and technical recruitment interview
  9. Proposal and signature of the contract
  10. Integration and handling in the client project
  11. Installation of work tools (machines and applications)
  12. Training, Upgrade
  13. Starting the project
  14. Evolution, monitoring, reporting, etc.