Resources & Engagements

Our teams are experienced in recruiting qualified workers and installing them on platforms dedicated to your project.

We offer operational resources at competitive rates, which allow you to combine efficiency (same quality of work) and strong cost reduction (-2x to -3x).


Our experience in team management and our leading platform job in Senegal, ensure us success and speed in the process of recruiting and setting up intervention teams..

For the success of your outsourcing project, whatever the profile of the speakers and the number necessary, we find, train and qualify a team tailored for you, as soon as possible.


Thanks to our monitoring tools, you are at the heart of the development of your projects with the possibility of interactions at any time with your dedicated team, via the managers at your disposal.


We set up with you a schedule / schedule of work and rotations in addition to periodic reports according to the project.


Respecting the confidentiality of your projects is a value that we defend and secure, to guarantee the security of your information and to grow our relationship.

Who we are ?

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