Data Entry, Processing & Annotation

Entering, Processing, Annotation, Classification and Management of your data

We guarantee the quality of our services by putting experienced agents, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at very competitive rates.

We create, qualify, verify and arrange your data, whatever the size, by researching and processing files from all sources.

Our areas of intervention:

Traditional data entry and processing

Entry, categorization, validation of product catalogs, orders / quotes / vouchers, forms, reports, letters (Medical, Banks, Insurance, institutions, tourism …)

Accounting entry

Invoices, posting, reconciliations, clocking, receipts, documents, etc.

Data annotation

For document databases, AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications and machines, etc. (Images, Videos, Audio Files, Texts, Manuscripts, Locations …)

Audio transcription

Manual audio to text conversion. Processing of audio & video files, etc.

Data enrichment

Public, B2B, B2C, Geographic, Geolocation, Legal, Admin, etc.

Whether these are one-off or recurring needs in data entry and processing, or database creation, contact us.


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