Who we are?

Our experience to facilitate your services outsourcing projects.


OUTSOURSEN is an ideal partner to easily outsource the management of some of your services.
Member of Guindo & Co, it is an experience of more than 12 years in online offshoring that we put at your disposal, to support you in your subcontracting project, whatever your size.

We take care of your services from our bases in Senegal, and put teams and suitable agents, whom we recruit to meet the exact requirements of your project.

With +10 years of experience in web offshoring, we assure you optimal support in your outsourcing process: study, recruitment, implementation, follow-up, monitoring.


Our management team is experienced in:

〉The study of your project

〉Support in putting into operation

〉Identification and recruitment of stakeholders

〉Training and qualification of profiles

〉The management of resources and schedules

〉Monitoring and reporting

Our job platform Senjob.com, No. 1 in Senegal, allows us to support the needs of your profile recruitment projects.


〉Are a flexible structure that easily adapts.

〉We work with any size of client.

〉Offer our services 24/7.

〉Demanding on the respect of deadlines.

〉Strictly respect the confidentiality of your info.

〉Apply fair prices that guarantee economy and efficiency for you, and also fulfillment and stability for your stakeholders.

〉Our services are bilingual, French and English (we can also study your projects on other languages on request).

Ressources and Engagements

For more details contact-us to receive a detailed offer.